Playing Ghost Lines, Part 2: Duskwall to Whitehollow

Ghost LinesIn our last outing with Ghost Lines, I introduced you to the characters we’ll be following for at least part of the time during this short campaign. They are all pretty rough customers, as befits those working this difficult and dangerous job on the railways, but they each have their unique qualities. I hope they live a while so we can get to know them.

The first session was a short one and only lasted a little over an hour. If there’s one thing I noticed about Ghost Lines, it’s that things move very quickly. Combats are resolved quickly, downtime is resolved quickly… everything is resolved quickly. Obviously you can take your time with the roleplaying elements, and I imagine there’s going to be more of that as the campaign continues, but this first session was a chance for the group to get acquainted with the system and feel out their roles within the story.

We began in the city of Duskwall, which is the primary city for the entire Shattered Isles setting. Indeed, an entire game is coming out based solely on the goings-on within Duskwall’s, er, walls. But we didn’t spend much time mucking about on those streets. The line bulls had a job to do, and that was riding the rails from Duskwall to Whitehollow along the northern coast of Akoros. We got into it without too much ado.

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[REVIEW] Scanners III: The Takeover

Scanners III: The TakeoverIt may be 4/20, but you’re not high. That’s right, there really was a Scanners III. It’s Scanners III: The Takeover, to be exact, and it’s possible you may have to be high to really enjoy it.

If I ever have the opportunity to meet and talk with David Cronenberg, I’d love to ask him one question: would he like to punch Pierre David in the throat? Because Pierre David is the producer responsible for inflicting on us two sequels and two spin-offs of Scanners, all apparently without Cronenberg’s consent. It really is no wonder Cronenberg would not give his blessing to a Scanners remake when he’d been so poorly treated in the past. Scanners may not have been a perfect movie by any stretch of the imagination, but it did represent the vision of its creator. These direct-to-video sequels are simply exploitation for the sake of exploitation. It’s depressing.

Before I get too deeply into Scanners III, I’m going to say something nice about it: the movie is better than Scanners II. Not a lot better, but still better. This particular film embraces its identity as direct-to-video schlock and goes for it without trying to incorporate any of the stuff from the first film, be that story points or bits of atmosphere. It’s pretty clear Christian Duguay, the director of both Scanners III and Scanners II, had no ambitions beyond turning out a movie where people’s heads explode, and as a result the film is a lot more honest.

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