Adam Savage is a hero.

MythBusters: James & Adam UNLEASHED!As we speak, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of the groundbreaking show, MythBusters, are on tour in a show called MythBusters: Jamie & Adam UNLEASHED!. Tonight they’re performing in Ames, Iowa, and I caught the Baltimore performance with my wife and son. If you have a chance to see this show, you absolutely should, and I’ll explain why.

My son, as I’ve often discussed in the past, has autism. He is also a huge fan of the MythBusters, and even has a life-sized cardboard standee of the two of them in his room. I was able to snare front-row seats for the show, which came with a meet-and-greet opportunity afterward. My son, whom we call Nemo online, got only about a minute to interact with his heroes, but they were as gracious and friendly and understanding as you might expect and I know the memory of that night and those moments will last a lifetime.

The show itself is very entertaining, but one of the things I did not expect was how much part of it would speak to me personally. There are the usual things you would anticipate are in a MythBusters show, like little science experiments involving levers and/or pulleys and phone books interleaved together. But a lot of it involves Jamie and Adam just talking about things, and the show opens up with Adam giving a monologue about juggling, of all subjects, while he (of course) juggles.

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