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Make Them Sorry, by Sam HawkenLife in Miami isn’t complicated for ex-army medic Camaro Espinoza: piloting charter fishing trips, fighting at the gym, drinking at the bar. Simple doesn’t mean stable, though, and two complicating factors — okay, people — are about to disrupt Camaro‘s relative peace. Faith Glazer, an accountant with no way to defend herself, begs Camaro‘s help to stop a stalker who follows her every move, while Ignacio Montellano, a detective on the homicide beat, wants to be her guardian angel and all too deftly finds ways to insert himself in her path.

When Faith‘s stalker takes his obsession to a new, frightening level, Camaro might find reason to appreciate Ignacio after all. The deeper they look, the more trouble they find: federal agents, money-launderers, crooked security contractors, and paramilitary killers. Every one of them with a reason to come after Faith, and to put Camaro down.

But Camaro — “the “female Jack Reacher” (The Toronto Star) — doesn’t flinch when violence comes her way. And she has a singular talent for making her enemies sorry they ever heard her name.

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