Booklist can’t get enough of Camaro

Make Them Sorry, by Sam HawkenHot on the heels of the great review from Publishers Weekly, we hear from Booklist, who’s even more excited for Camaro Espinoza (link).  While I haven’t started hearing from you, the readers, I look forward to your thoughts.  I continue to think Make Them Sorry (link) is the best Camaro novel thus far, and you’ll love it.

Miami accountant Faith Glazer is sure she’s being stalked. She’s seen him outside her office, and she senses that he has even been in her apartment, so she goes to one of the city’s fighting gyms to learn how to defend herself. But she soon decides she needs a personal instructor and approaches the most formidable woman in the gym, Camaro Espinoza (Walk Away, 2017 [link]).  Reluctantly, Camaro agrees to train her. She also tells Faith to buy a gun.

Faith does so, and when the stalker invades her home and brutally assaults her, Faith shoots him six times. Soon after, Camaro’s home is invaded by three men with assault rifles. Camaro kills them. The three dead men are found to be Armenian thugs, and Hawken is off to the races in a violent, twisty story of Colombian coca lords, bent Miami bankers, and money laundering. Camaro is a fascinating character, adding several nice variations on the typical genre “tough guy.” She’s a decorated veteran of America’s various Middle Eastern military adventures who keeps even potential friends at a distance, explaining that she has an “anger problem.” Fans of head-banging thrillers will love Camaro.

I don’t think it gets more enthusiastic than that.  Thank you to Booklist and thank you for your readership.  It means the world to me.

Be sure to get your copy of Make Them Sorry, the latest Camaro Espinoza thriller, available for purchase right now at your favorite bookseller. (link)