The best review of Make Them Sorry ever?

Make Them Sorry (UK)Just when I think I’ve read the most positive review I’m ever going to read for Make Them Sorry (link), someone sends me one that tops it.  Previously the record was held by Kristin Centorcelli at Criminal Element (link), who made me blush with her high praise.  Now comes Paul Burke at Nudge, and his words make me want to hide under my chair in embarrassment.  I don’t do well with effusive compliments, is what I’m saying.

The full review in Nudge (link) is worth your time, so please check it out, but here are a few choice tidbits to whet your appetite:

[A] top notch blend of domestic nightmare, drug running, money laundering and even a touch of paramilitary politics.  Hawken is a consummate story teller and this is a silky smooth read. You won’t want to put it down until you finish. The plot is beautifully crafted, there’s enough action to satisfy the most bloodthirsty reader and it will stimulate the grey matter at the same time.

If I’m ever in a tight corner I want Camaro Espinoza by my side.

Her reticence to be a hero makes her all the more appealing as a character.  Hawken is particularly good at portraying the victims of crime with dignity, of building their story and making it seem real.

I left out a lot of good stuff there.  I encourage you to read more.

In other entries on this blog, I’ve made it pretty clear I don’t think I’m any great shakes as an author.  I think I do my job well, but not with any particular flair.  Clearly some disagree.  I’m certainly not going to argue the point.  I’ll simply say thank you and keep doing what I’m doing and hopefully this will continue to keep people satisfied.

Be sure to get your copy of Make Them Sorry, the latest Camaro Espinoza thriller, available right now from your favorite bookseller. (link)