This hasn’t been reflected elsewhere on the site — I’ll make that update soon, I promise — but I can tell you the news here. To whit: I worked with James Patterson last year, and the fruits of our collaboration are to be yours soon. In fact, you can preorder right now! But more on that in a sec.

Though I’d love to write a full-length novel with Patterson (hint, hint), this time around I did a BookShot with him, which is what he calls novellas under the Patterson brand. I don’t know if this is because I have such an awesome reputation, or because I have experience turning out solid novellas, or maybe it’s both, but the fact remains that he and I wrote a novella called The Housewife.

Here’s the pitch:

The Moores Are Missing, by James Patterson

Maggie Denning is a former chief detective adjusting to a quiet life in the suburbs with her family. But when the woman next door is found brutally murdered, Maggie starts investigating – everyone’s a suspect. Even her own husband.

Right now there are two ways to get The Housewife, and you can place your order as quickly as your fingers can click, so go for it. The Housewife will appear as part of a collection called The Moores Are Missing, which also includes stories by Loren D. Estleman and Ed Chatterton. I’d love to be top-billed here, but Estleman outranks me. That’s just how things are.

The Moores Are Missing hits July 25th, which is practically tomorrow. I already have my copy coming. However, if you want The Housewife by itself, you have to wait until September 5th. Not a lot longer, but longer. I’m taken care of however you choose to buy the story, so feel free to take the option that makes more sense to your pocketbook.

I can’t tell you a whole lot (or anything) about working with Patterson, but suffice it to say I found the experience surprisingly easygoing and fun, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. In fact, I pitched him a thriller concept last month, so we’ll see where that goes.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on The Housewife in July.