It’s a new week and, unfortunately, there’s some bleh news to share. It seems Little, Brown has decided to focus their BookShots efforts in a slightly different fashion, and the paperback release of The Housewife, my collaboration with James Patterson. has been supplanted by the release of The Moore Are Missing. Which makes a certain degree of sense (why have two print editions?), but is still a bummer.

The Moores Are Missing, by James PattersonHowever all is not lost. I’ve been told that although the print edition has been canceled — which seems to be a recurring event this last twelve months, unfortunately — there is still the possibility The Housewife will be released as a standalone ebook. With an attractive point, which James Patterson seems to understand is crucial to marketing ebooks, this could be a good thing.

Now if only the price would drop on The Night Charter! Even if it sold for $6.99 instead of $13.99, I suspect sales would jump. Ebook buyers do not like spending over ten bucks, and the figures have been available for years to prove this. So I’ll continue to cross my fingers, if not hold my breath, and maybe the success of something like The Housewife will point the way.

The release date for The Moores Are Missing remains July 25th, so I hope you put in your preorder.