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Sam Hawken

Senior Director of Wordsmithing
Sam Hawken is the bestselling author of the Camaro Espinoza series, as well as the critically acclaimed Borderland Trilogy. He is represented by Oli Munson of AM Heath Literary Agents.


Here's what critics & readers said about my work.

Hawken’s understated but razor sharp prose never gets in the way of the building tension…Powerful stuff.
Camaro Espinoza [is] an intense and capable heroine [with] an ironclad sense of justice. Hawken delivers a potent climax that winds its way through an unremitting firefight to a satisfying conclusion.
Publishers Weekly
[The Dead Women of Juarez is] a beautiful, compassionate, grueling novel, as ferocious to read as it is soul-wrenching…This book will haunt you for a long, long time.
Ken Bruen
Hard-boiled action…Camaro Espinoza, who did tours in the Middle East, is tougher than an army boot….it’s deeply satisfying to watch her take out an animal like Lukas.
The New York Times
Camaro is solitary, vengeful, and fond of beer and motorcycles—a female "tough guy" who defies stereotypes with engaging bravado. Hawken calls her "a lean, mean thrilling machine." He’s nailed it.
Hawken doesn’t hit a false note.
Publishers Weekly
Hawken’s words will keep you hooked until the very last sentence.
New York Journal of Books

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While it may seem like I do, and have done, a lot of talking about Camaro Espinoza and the stories featuring her, I have never really dug down into her character in an analytical way. It’s always been my intention for readers to explore her stories, and understand her, in whatever way they choose to […]