[REVIEW] Ninja III: The Domination

Ninja III: The DominationIf you haven’t figured it out by now, I really like ninja. When I was a tween and a teen, ninja were the shiznit and I wrote stories about them and imagined movies I’d make about them and even role-played them at the table. And I’ve never let go. Heck, I recently posted an excerpt from a whole set of new stories I wrote about ninja. I don’t foresee a time when I will ever lose my taste for them.

I say this despite the fact that movies of the ’80s were trying their damnedest to make me stop liking ninja. They did this with movies like the American Ninja series, which got worse and worse as it went along, but the pain really began with Ninja III: The Domination.

Cannon Group was not the first studio to make a ninja movie, but they were definitely the studio to make the most of the trend. They latched onto that sucker and didn’t let go until all the juice was drained from the concept. Sometimes you got classics like Revenge of the Ninja, which remains the high-water mark for ninja films made in the US. And sometimes you got… Ninja III.

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Dawn of the Ninja — Chapter One

One of the things I worked on last year during my downtime was a series of novellas about ninja. As you well know from my repeated discussion of the subject on here, I am a big ninja fan going all the way back to the ’80s when I was an impressionable youth. After having scoured Amazon for ninja-related fiction to read, I noticed there was a serious lack of such material, and so The Matsuda Scrolls were born. This would be an ongoing series of action-oriented ninja stories which I would write under an openly acknowledged pseudonym. The first four tales would relay a single adventure undertaken by Hamilton Matsuda, a ninja by birth and training, who long ago left the service of his samurai masters and went his own way.

The Matsuda Scrolls are my homage to the ninja movies of a bygone age. Things like Revenge of the Ninja and The Octagon. Mat himself is a nod to John Trent, the ninja who made those old Phoenix Force adventures so damned cool.

It’s not yet time to unleash The Matsuda Scrolls upon the world, but I figured it was worth sharing the first chapter of the initial volume, Dawn of the Ninja. Enjoy.

Somewhere in the night sky there was the faint insect buzzing of a MQ-1 drone flying at ten thousand feet. Anywhere else in the world the sound would have been lost in the ambient noise generated by life itself, but on the blasted moonscape of the Yemeni desert highlands there were no crickets to chirp, no traffic on highways in the middle distance or anything at all except the Hamilton Matsuda’s heartbeat and the drone’s accompaniment.

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