Much ado about Hannibal

HannibalI haven’t done much talking about it over the past couple of years, but I am a huge fan of the NBC show, Hannibal. Actually, I haven’t talked about it at all, despite the fact that I think it’s quite possibly the best show on television.

If you’re not familiar with Hannibal, you’re not alone. Viewership for the program has always been poor, and the ratings for this latest season have been absolutely abysmal. So much so, in fact, that NBC declined to renew their distribution agreement with Gaumont International Television, which produces the show. It’s something of a misnomer to even refer to Hannibal as an NBC show at all, as they simply pay a fee to show the program on their network and don’t have a hand in its production in any way, shape or form.

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[REVIEW] American Ninja 2: The Confrontation

American Ninja 2: The ConfrontationGenetically engineered mutant super-ninja! If that sentence doesn’t send you screaming into the woods with your hair on fire, you may be able to sit through the entirety of American Ninja 2: The Confrontation. I managed to do it, but not without a considerable amount of eye-rolling and snide comments made to the screen. How I’d love to see the guys from RiffTrax get ahold of this turkey.

And turkey it is. Being the first of four sequels made to American Ninja, American Ninja 2 is something of an insult to ninja-lovers everywhere. It’s silly to the point where, if I didn’t know better, I’d think Cannon Group and director Sam Firstenberg were deliberately making a parody of ninja movies, but not letting the rest of us in on the joke. And who knows, maybe that really is the case. It certainly wouldn’t be any more far-fetched than the movie’s storyline.

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