Know your worth

MoneyThe siren song of the writing business is money. People are attracted to cash, and well they should be, because that’s the measure by which we gauge success. You’re not a professional in the field until you’re pulling down enough money to make a serious contribution to your bottom line, and there’s no better way to know you’re on top than to look down from the summit of a giant pile of cash.

So given people’s taste for money, it’s surprising to me how many writers choose to ignore their value and take far less for their work than they ought to. Granted, some writers are terrible and don’t deserve to have their work purchased, but I’m talking about good writers with professional habits who produce salable material. Those are the ones who are out there shorting themselves every single day.

It completely blows my mind when I hear about some writer or another cutting a deal to have something of theirs published for sale, but for no money up front. Or no money at all. They’re basically saying, “Here’s the fruit of my labors for far less than it’s worth. Go make money off my effort while I get no benefit. Now here’s a jar of Vaseline for you to complete the process.” Why would someone do this?

There’s something very attractive about “being published,” and I suspect that’s what’s happening here. Writers are so desperate to legitimize themselves that they cut their own throats in their rush to get their name out there. But there’s no real reason to do this. If you’re going to do something for no money up front, just publish the damned stuff yourself. The end result may be the same and you make nothing, but on the opposite extreme you might do very well. You won’t know until you try. In the meanwhile, stop thinking other people deserve the money from your work.

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[REVIEW] Millennium — “Matryoshka”/”Forcing the End”

Before I get into the episodes for this week, my first in over a month (more on that tomorrow), I’d like to point out something that ran in newspapers back in May of 1998 on the occasion of Millennium‘s second season finale. This is an ad which Lance Henriksen himself posted on his Facebook page just last month. I have not doctored it in any way. Please have a look at it.

MillenniumI have brought up the point about Millennium cheating its transition from second season to third season, and I’ve been scoffed at by Millennium fans for my position. That position, in case you haven’t been reading these reviews like I know you have been: the world ended in the last episode of Millennium second season. It wasn’t a tiny little outbreak. There wasn’t a localized panic in the Pacific Northwest. No, this was a full-scale extinction event, and no amount of hemming and hawing is going to change that. Fox itself advertised the finale as THE END. They would not have done that if they intended to ignore the apocalypse the way Season Three of Millennium did.

So let that be the definitive word on the subject. Millennium dropped the ball in a big way. This cannot be understated.

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