Camaro Espinoza is traveling the United States on the back of a Harley-Davidson and finding things are no less complicated than they were in the killing fields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Some underestimate her. They pay the price.

Collected here for the first time are the four novellas that introduced Camaro to the world. From Las Vegas to New York City, these tales strike fast and hit hard. The person who gets in Camaro’s way is a person who isn’t going to live very much longer. Contains Camaro RunCrossfireThe Drum and Sisters in Arms, previously only available as separate ebooks.

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Camaro Run, by Sam HawkenCamaro spent twelve years in the Army, and now she’s out. Riding cross-country, she makes a stop in Las Vegas, where a chance meeting leads to a situation where it’s fight or die. Pursued by the police and by killers for an implacable Mexican drug cartel, she flees to the desert because what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

Crossfire, by Sam HawkenCamaro got away from a pack of Mexican cartel killers, but their hunt for her is far from over. Only one step ahead of the assassin targeting her sister, Camaro arrives in New Orleans and falls into a plan to rob a floating casino on the Gulf of Mexico. Crooks and hardened executioners clash, with Camaro in the middle just looking for a way out for herself and her family.

The Drum, by Sam HawkenCamaro has found a place for herself in the wintering forests of lake country, carrying a new name and living a new life far from what has come before. But all is not perfect in the little haven of Blackwell, Minnesota. Across the border is a house of drink and women and violence they call the Drum, and it grinds up the weak and the innocent as well as the damned. A place like that is a magnet for people like Camaro, especially when justice seems the hardest thing to find.

Sisters in Arms, by Sam HawkenCamaro is a woman without roots, moving from place to place with nowhere to call her own. Reunited with a former Army comrade with whom she has faced death many times before, Camaro’s soldier code demands justice when tragedy strikes. She’s called to war again versus a homegrown enemy that fears only the gun.

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