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Dakota North, by Marvel ComicsWay, way back in the day, I pitched Marvel Comics on a revival miniseries for their mostly forgotten ’80s character, Dakota North (link).  With the exception of a few scattered appearances in the 2000s, Dakota has been missing in action from the Marvel roster since 1987.  But I freaking loved the character when I was a teen and I love her now.  Everything about her spoke to my tastes, and there’s actually a little bit of Dakota in Camaro.  Heck, even their names echo each other, though I never intended it to be that way.  Funny how the mind works.

Given my affection for Dakota North, it was nice to run across an article by Evan Narcisse lending praise to the short-lived comic (link).  He highlighted some terrific moments from the book, too, including a great bit involving Dakota’s crotchety father who — man, this is kind of freaking me out — has some things in common with Jeremy Yates from Walk Away (link).  Again, this wasn’t something I consciously set out to do, but now I’m starting to wonder at what forces lurk beneath the surface of my imagination.

I highly recommend the article, and I likewise recommend tracking down copies of Dakota North (link) if you can.  They’re relatively cheap as ’80s comics go, mostly because no one cared about her then, and fewer care about her now, and you’re in for a fun time.  Sure, as Narcisse points out, the cultural content of Dakota’s stories is very much of its time, and I’ll be the first to admit the art doesn’t always hold up, but so what?


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Make Them Sorry, by Sam HawkenOn Amazon there’s something authors in the know call “the 90-day cliff.” This is in reference to the unconfirmed, but clearly obvious, tendency of the Amazon algorithm to stop promoting books after three months. This is reminiscent of how stores like Barnes & Noble remove books older than twenty-one days from their shelves unless they’ve sold well enough to become part of their “model,” or automatic restock. Very few books merit automatic restock. Mostly titles by established bestsellers like my collaborator, James Patterson. Some lurk on the shelves for a while, but as soon as room is needed? Poof, they’re gone.

Anyway, Amazon has only so many books it can push, I guess, so after ninety days the level of promotion drops off considerably. It’s just the way things go. It affects everyone, too, unless a publisher is paying fees to Amazon to keep their books visible. Money like that is generally only spent on the big names. Despite being multi-billion-dollar corporations, Big Five publishers never seem to have very much cash to go around. I guess they gave it all to JK Rowling (link).

So this is the end of the line, more or less, for Make Them Sorry (link). It will continue to be sold, of course, but the intensive marketing period is over. Such is the nature of the business. And truth to tell, Make Them Sorry (link) has done very well, and I’m happy with the way things have turned out.

Thanks again to everyone who supported Make Them Sorry (link) and Camaro Espinoza (link) in general. Your continuing enthusiasm is a delight.

Get your copy of Make Them Sorry, the latest Camaro Espinoza thriller, from your favorite bookseller. (link)