Far From Home

No Cover AvailableIt is time for Camaro Espinoza to leave the war zone.

Practically from the moment she stepped off the plane, her military service behind her, Camaro has been embroiled in a fight at home against enemies both foreign and domestic. She has defended the weak, nearly died for her family, and laid everything down for the sake of a friend.  She’s tired and, perhaps more than that, she’s lonely.  On this road there has been nothing but bloodshed and pain.  That road has to end somewhere.

In the dead of winter, Camaro travels to the snowy forests of Montana in search of the elusive peace she needs the most.  Here she finds a man who saw the same things she saw, experienced the same trauma, lost the same friends… and more.  Camaro has no one to share her burden with, but here she might.  Here she could lay down her weapons forever.

But there’s always another fight, and this time they hide behind the American flag Camaro swore to defend with her life.  They say they’re patriots.  They say the government that sent Camaro to war is an unjust one.  They say they’ll kill anyone who stands in the way of a better tomorrow, even the people Camaro loves.

Far From Home is coming soon.

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