Walk Away

Walk Away, by Sam HawkenA bloody summer is behind Camaro Espinoza, and she’s settled back into her life.  More than anything, she wants to put the violence of the past behind her, but fate has other things in store.  A secret message comes to her from her sister, who’s hiding in a little town in northern California and dealing with violence of her own.  Trapped in an abusive relationship with a violent and demanding man, Annabel Espinoza wants out, and she needs Camaro to resolve the situation.  There’s no question if Camaro will help, but there’s more at stake than she realizes, because the brother of Annabel’s partner is on his way, and he’s far more dangerous than anyone Camaro has faced before.  Behind him are an obsessed US Marshal and a bounty hunter who wants justice for his son.  All their paths collide, and the stakes could never be higher.

“Deeply satisfying.” (The New York Times)

Camaro Espinoza is “the deadliest female protagonist since Jon Land’s Caitlin Strong and Stieg Larsson’s Lisbeth Salander.” (Booklist)

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