The Moores Are Missing

The Moores Are Missing, by James PattersonThe world’s bestselling author, James Patterson, reinvented the novella with BookShots.  In The Moores Are Missing, three different authors cowrite with the master of the thriller.  Sam Hawken provided The Housewife, which lays the groundwork for a new series of mystery novels featuring former Chief of Detectives Maggie Denning.

Retired from the force in order to care for her new twins, Maggie has what seems to be the ideal suburban life: a big house, plenty of room and lots of time for activities that don’t involve pursuing the city’s most hardened criminals.  But  her husband still works the homicide beat, and a murder in the neighborhood brings both of them back to the relationship they had before Maggie’s turn toward domesticity.  The only problem?  Maggie’s husband may very well be the one behind the crime.

One killing leads to another, and one secret explodes the next, shaking the mask of civility in this postcard-perfect gated community.  It’s more than murder, but an entry into an unseen world of sex and illicit desire.  Maggie is going to find out everything, risk everything, because even stay-at-home moms have a duty.

New York Times bestseller.

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