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Santa and reindeer


Die Hard (1988)

I had the pleasure of speaking briefly on Sunday with film historian and fellow Hachette author, Jeremy Arnold (link), at a screening of Die Hard (link) I attend every year. I’d overheard him talking to someone about how a film had Christmas trappings, but was not a Christmas movie.  As it turns out he wasn’t talking about Die Hard (link), but the Cary Grant film Holiday (link). Which is good, because people go straight on the naughty list with me if they think Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie!

We talked about Die Hard‘s Christmas themes, and I gained quite a bit of insight into the film, considering I’ve seen it approximately eleventy billion times. I wanted to talk to him about Lethal Weapon (link), which I’ve always considered a movie set at Christmas, not actually a Christmas movie, but we didn’t have time. I continued the conversation with my friend, who attends these screenings with me every year, and he made a solid case for Lethal Weapon (link) as a Christmas movie, sentiments echoed by Mr. Arnold’s introduction to Die Hard (link). I was convinced, but afterward Arnold had vanished, so I couldn’t follow up. At any rate, check out Arnold’s book, Christmas in the Movies (link) and, if you’re on Twitter, say hello for me. Tell him he needs a web site, too, while you’re at it

Yippie ki yay, motherf—ers!