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Make Them Sorry, by Sam HawkenOnce again, Camaro Espinoza is a success with critics.  At risk of sounding immodest, I consider Make Them Sorry (link) the very best Camaro story yet.  So far the notices seem to agree.  But I look forward to hearing what you, the reader, have to say on the subject.  In the meantime, let’s see what Publishers Weekly wrote:

Hawken‘s kick-ass third Camaro Espinoza thriller (after 2017’s Walk Away [link]) finds the hard-drinking, motorcycle-riding, mixed martial arts enthusiast finally achieving some semblance of existential peace in Miami, Florida, where she runs a charter fishing business.  But when a woman approaches her asking for help dealing with a stalker, Camaro reluctantly agrees to teach her self-defense skills, only to become entangled with killers from a Colombian paramilitary cartel involved in money laundering and drug smuggling.

Complicating matters is Ignacio Montellano, a Miami homicide detective, whose friendship with the prickly Camaro may not only jeopardize his career, but also their lives.  Tightly plotted[…], the action-packed narrative derives its real power from the complex character of Camaro, whose toughness and bad attitude make Jack Reacher look like a choirboy.  Fans of Zoë Sharp’s Charlie Fox will love Camaro, especially her memorable one-liners: “I’ve never killed anyone who didn’t need to be dead.”

High praise from Publishers Weekly indeed.  I thank them for the compliments and I thank you for your preorder.  Let’s make the newest Camaro the biggest hit of the first three installments.

Be sure to get your copy of Make Them Sorry, the latest Camaro Espinoza thriller, available for purchase at your favorite bookseller on August 7th. (link)