Sam Hawken is author of the Camaro Espinoza thrillers, as well as the critically acclaimed Borderland Trilogy.

He has collaborated with New York Times bestseller, James Patterson, and been nominated four times for Crime Writers’ Association Daggers, including two Gold Daggers for best crime novel.

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August 7, 2018

A violent stalker has a terrified woman in his sights. Camaro Espinoza will make him sorry.

Life in Miami isn't complicated for ex-army medic Camaro Espinoza: piloting charter fishing trips, fighting at the gym, drinking at the bar. Simple doesn't mean stable, though, and two complicating factors — okay, people — are about to disrupt Camaro's relative peace. Faith Glazer, an accountant with no way to defend herself, begs Camaro's help to stop a stalker who follows her every move. While Ignacio Montellano, a detective on the homicide beat, wants to be her guardian angel and all too deftly finds ways to insert himself in her path.

When Faith's stalker takes his obsession to a new, frightening level, Camaro might find reason to appreciate Montellano after all. The deeper they look, the more trouble they find: federal agents, money-launderers, crooked security contractors, and paramilitary killers. Every one of them with a reason to come after Faith, and to put Camaro down.

But Camaro — the "female Jack Reacher" (The Toronto Star) — doesn't flinch when violence comes her way. And she has a singular talent for making her enemies sorry they ever heard her name.



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The bestselling author in the world, James Patterson, joins forces with Sam Hawken to tell a gripping tale of suburban murder, hidden truths and sexual depravity.  This volume also includes two other thrilling stories.

A New York Times bestseller.

The war of words over migration across the United States' southern border has a human face.  La Frontera tells the real story from three perspectives: those who enforce the law, those who help others make the crossing, and those who have no choice but to flee for their lives to a country that doesn't want them.

A companion piece to The Borderland Trilogy.

The Borderland Trilogy begins with the grueling story of female homicides in Ciudad Juárez, where thousands of women have been tortured and murdered for over twenty years.  A burnt-out junkie boxer who used to be a contender is no one's idea of a savior, and an aged policeman who lost everything has no hope of breaking the case no one else wants to solve.

Nominated for a Crime Writers' Association Dagger.

This second volume in the critically acclaimed Borderland Trilogy was nominated for a Crime Writers' Association Gold Dagger.


Three stories unfold on the dividing line between El Paso and Ciudad Juárez: a gang member turned snitch; a cop torn between motherhood and duty; and a Mexican federal agent who cannot help but risk everything in the pursuit of justice.

The Borderland Trilogy concludes with one last journey into the heart of Mexico's darkness.

When two teenaged girls vanish in the border town of Nuevo Laredo, an ordinary man plunges into a world he didn't even know existed in an effort to find them.

Nominated for two Crime Writers' Association Daggers.

Camaro Espinoza, former army medic and war hero, wants only to be left alone to run her Miami fishing boat, but chance drops a plot into her lap to smuggle a dissident out of Cuba.

A one-night charter turns life-and-death, but Camaro is very, very good at making the right people dead.

The explosive follow-up to The Night Charter puts Camaro in the sights of a deadly fugitive intent on avenging the death of his brother.  With a bounty hunter and US Marshals all wanting a piece of the action, it's a race to see who will kill whom first and what will become of those caught in the middle: Camaro's sister and niece.

The third, and most recent, installment of the Camaro Espinoza action-thriller series.

A violent stalker threatens a woman who needs Camaro's help, but soon money launderers, drug cartels and hired killers complicate an already delicate situation.

"There is nothing noble in being superior to some other man. The true nobility is in being superior to your previous self."

Ernest Hemingway


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