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She saw the Twin Towers fall, and the trajectory of her life altered forever. After serving a thousand days in America’s wars, former United States Army combat medic Camaro Espinoza came home to find no peace.

From the deserts of Nevada to the sweltering humidity of southern Florida, she faces wrongs which must be made right.

No matter how many people she has to kill.

“Camaro comes across in style as a female Jack Reacher. A winner for a wide crime fiction audience.”
― Jack Batten, Toronto Star

“Camaro is a wonderful creation, an uncompromising heroine whose adventures many readers, including this one, will look forward to for many books to come.”
―David Morrell, bestselling author of Inspector of the Dead and Murder as a Fine Art

“Camaro Espinoza is an intense and capable heroine with an ironclad sense of justice.”
Publishers Weekly

“A tough-minded, compellingly drawn female protagonist.”
Library Journal


Camero Run

Camaro Run coverCamaro Espinoza came back from war and found no peace at home.

After serving a thousand days as a combat medic in America’s wars, Camaro’s on a cross-country motorcycle tour to forget where she’s been and what she’s done. But a stop in Las Vegas leads to a chance encounter, a murder, and a situation that has her on the run.

They think it’ll be easy taking her down. They’re wrong.

The novella which started it all, available in this revised edition for the first time.


CrossfireDon’t gamble with your life.

Former combat medic Camaro Espinoza spent a thousand days in America’s wars. Now she’s on the run with a million dollars and a Mexican drug cartel on her trail. Her sister in New Orleans has no idea she’s coming, and has problems of her own: a husband involved in a high-stakes robbery scheme which could cost them everything if Camaro can’t intervene.

When Big Easy crooks and south-of-the-border killers come together, Camaro is caught in the crossfire.

Second in the original series of novellas which started it all, available in this revised edition for the first time.

The Drum

The Drum coverFriendship is worth killing for.

After spending a thousand days in America’s war zones, Camaro Espinoza searches for peace, but finds none. First they tried to kill her. Then they tried to kill her sister. Now she’s retreated to the frozen Midwest in the hope her troubles won’t follow.

But her new home has problems of its own, and when a friend ends up in intensive care, no one else seems to care enough to follow the clues where they lead. All the way to the end of a gun.

Sisters in Arms

Sisters in ArmsThey were forged in combat, and now they’re on the streets.

Camaro Espinoza spent a thousand days as a combat medic in America’s wars. Along with her friend, Martha Cleveland, she learned how to survive. Now, years later and on the streets of New York City, those lessons gain deadly relevance when Martha’s sister is the victim of a violent crime and no one else can help.

Camaro and Martha will bring their war home.

Full Throttle: The Collected Camaro Stories, Vol. 1

Full Throttle coverShe cannot be pushed… or she’ll push back.

The adventures of Camaro Espinoza, the character which Rambo creator David Morrell called “a wonderful creation,” and “an uncompromising heroine,” begin here.

Published in one volume for the first time, these four revised novellas introduced Camaro to the world, and prefaced the three-volume thriller series from Mulholland Books. From Mexican cartels to street gangs, Camaro faces them all, and is determined to be the last one standing.

The Night Charter

The Night Charter coverExactly one year ago, Camaro Espinoza killed five bad men in New York City and fled town. Now she’s keeping a low profile in Miami, running night charter catch-and-release fishing trips off the coast. It’s a simple life for a former combat medic. But it wasn’t easy to come by. Camaro plans to do everything she can to hold onto it.

Trouble comes knocking in the form of Parker Story, a man in over his head with all the wrong people. Parker wants to book Camaro’s boat to run a small errand off the coast of Cuba. Camaro knows she shouldn’t get involved. But Parker’s got a teenaged daughter named Lauren, and Parker’s associates have threatened to harm her if the mission doesn’t go off without a hitch. Camaro has never met the girl. Barely seen her picture. But that doesn’t mean she can ignore her plight.

Camaro’s used to being wanted — by men good and bad, by soldiers wounded on the field of battle, by the long arm of the law. But she’s never been needed before. Not the way Lauren needs her. Joining forces with Parker, Camaro soon finds herself in the midst of double crosses, international intrigue, broken promises and scattered bullets. Even a skilled warrior like herself may not be able to escape unscathed.

Walk Away

Walk Away coverCamaro Espinoza is “the deadliest female protagonist since Jon Land’s Caitlin Strong and Stieg Larsson’s Lisbeth Salander” (Booklist).

Camaro Espinoza is a former combat medic whose past is shrouded in mystery. Having finally achieved a measure of calm and anonymity, Camaro receives a distress call from her sister Annabel. Living a modest life in a small town in California, Annabel has become trapped in an abusive relationship with a man named Jake Collier who threatens to make her daughter his next victim.

Camaro rushes across the country to defend her sister for what may be the last time. And Jake has a sibling of his own, an ex-Special Forces operative named Lukas who is every bit as unhinged as Camaro is uncompromising. For all Camaro’s stealth and wit, she can only last so long against such a relentless force.

As a pair of federal marshals pick up the trail, and a bounty hunter with a debt to settle closes in, Camaro’s smart enough to know that standing her ground is the last thing she should do. But if there’s one thing Camaro can’t do, it’s walk away — even with a freight train like Lukas barreling towards her.

Make Them Sorry

Make Them Sorry coverA violent stalker has a terrified woman in his sights. Camaro Espinoza will make him sorry.

Life in Miami isn’t complicated for ex-army medic Camaro Espinoza: Piloting charter fishing trips, fighting at the gym, drinking at the bar. Simple doesn’t mean stable, though, and two complicating factors — okay, people — are about to disrupt Camaro’s relative peace.

Faith Glazer, an accountant with no way to defend herself, begs Camaro’s help to stop a stalker who follows her every move. While Ignacio Montellano, a detective on the homicide beat, wants to be her guardian angel and all too deftly finds ways to insert himself in her path.

When Faith’s stalker takes his obsession to a new, frightening level, Camaro might find reason to appreciate Montellano after all. The deeper they look, the more trouble they find: federal agents, money-launderers, crooked security contractors, and paramilitary killers. Every one of them with a reason to come after Faith, and to put Camaro down. But Camaro — the “female Jack Reacher” (The Toronto Star) — doesn’t flinch when violence comes her way. And she has a singular talent for making her enemies sorry they ever heard her name.