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Saigon cover

April 1975. In ten days, Saigon falls. In ten days, it’ll be too late.

John Crawford didn’t leave Vietnam when his country did, and now a desperate father has asked him to find another lost soldier before the end comes.

Catherine Marchand is French plantation royalty, but traded wealth for service.  She wants only to save refugees streaming south ahead of the advancing communists.

Together they face the death of a city.  

The death of a nation.

Fans of The Borderland Trilogy will find Saigon a worthy companion piece to those works.  It could not be more timely, or cut so closely to the truth of America’s involvement in the Second Indochina War.  It’s a work not to be missed.

Juárez Dance

Juarez Dance

Never make it personal.

In Spanish, they’d call Cooper Townsend un matador. He kills for money. Now a client’s asked for something different, and Cooper doesn’t know if this is an assignment he can carry out.

Murder for hire is a task he understands.

Obsession is something else.

La Frontera

La Frontera cover

Ana Torres is a Texas Ranger assigned to a dusty outpost to protect the border. When she discovers the body of a dead crosser, the stage is set for an investigation and a confrontation in the nighttime desert. 

Luis González lives on the Mexican side, helping those who seek a better life in the north while looking for peace in his own way.

Marisol Herrera, a border crosser, braves hardship and dangers on her journey from the high mountains of El Salvador to the sun-blasted flats of the Mexico/Texas border. She is alone, chasing a dream, but threatened by the realities of la frontera.

The stories of these three will intersect in the badlands of Texas. There will be death and pain and prices paid along the banks of the Rio Grande

The stories of these three will intersect in the badlands of Texas. There will be death and pain and prices paid along the banks of the Rio Grande.


Rosie the Ripper

Rosie the RipperRosie Bratton doesn’t have what it takes.

A recovering alcoholic with a low-paying job, Rosie’s only able to see her young daughter on alternating weekends, and her ex-husband wants to take that away, too.

When her recovery sponsor suggests she join a mixed martial arts gym to get healthy and learn focus, Rosie balks, but it turns out some things are a better fit than at first they seem. She does have what it takes, and having it means following a path to the cage. And fighting another battle to bring her daughter home.

A Fight Card story.

The Housewife

The HousewifeMaggie Denning is a former chief detective adjusting to a quiet life in the suburbs with her family. But when the woman next door is found brutally murdered, Maggie starts investigating – everyone’s a suspect.

Even her own husband.

written with James Patterson and published in The Moores are Missing