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ScomparsaThe disappearance which fixated a nation.

In 1983, Maria Francesca Oberti vanished from the streets of Rome. Almost forty years later, someone has a message for the cop who couldn’t find her: 83 hours remain.

Alongside Commissioner Giuliana Calipari, Lamberto Angelotti has one chance left. He can’t fail.

From the four-time Crime Writers’ Association nominee, Sam Hawken, author of The Dead Women of Juárez and Land of Fire, comes a fictional exploration of one of the most infamous disappearances in Italian history: the vanishing of Emanuela Orlandi. A case recently explored in the Netflix series, Vatican Girl.

With his trademark blend of fact and invention, Hawken takes you step-by-step through an investigation that scours the streets of Rome… and leads straight to Vatican City.

A book not to be missed.