Camaro Espinoza spent twelve years in the Army and served around the world. She spent four of those years in the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan. Now she’s home and she knows no peace.

From the bright lights of Las Vegas to the streets of New York City to the waters off Miami, where Camaro doesn’t seek trouble, trouble finds her. In the wars she saved lives and took them. In the life she leads now, nothing has changed.

American literature has its iconic heroes, like the lone gunslinger from the classic Shane, who pass through this world without attachments, but not without feelings. They care, but they cannot show they care without risking themselves. Yet when they are called upon to put everything on the line for another, they do it because it’s not in their nature to let a good person suffer. This is the enduring archetype, but it is one that’s been traditionally occupied by men. When I first conceived of Camaro Espinoza, I thought to myself that it was time to show strength of character, strength of conviction and strength of physicality aren’t just part of the masculine sphere. Women serve in front-line units in America’s wars. Women fight in mixed martial arts. Women form an essential element in the formation of our cultural character. Why not allow a woman into this male-dominated space and show the boys how it’s done?

I write about Camaro because she provides me an outlet for action without abandoning character. She’s a complicated figure, seemingly isolated emotionally, but capable of great caring. She’ll kill a person for threatening someone under her protection, but she saved lives in combat, too. A world of wrongs awaits the woman who sees it as her duty to do right, and so long as there is a fight to be had, she’ll be in it. That’s a character I can get behind, root for, and write about endlessly as she grows and develops over time.

Camaro’s story begins here…

Full Throttle: The Collected Camaro, Vol. 1, by Sam HawkenCamaro Espinoza is traveling the United States on the back of a Harley-Davidson and finding things are no less complicated than they were in the killing fields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Some underestimate her. They pay the price.

Collected here for the first time are the four novellas that introduced Camaro to the world. From Las Vegas to New York City, these tales strike fast and hit hard. The person who gets in Camaro’s way is a person who isn’t going to live very much longer. Contains Camaro Run, Crossfire, The Drum and Sisters in Arms, previously only available as separate ebooks.

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The Night Charter, by Sam HawkenOne year ago, Camaro Espinoza helped kill five men in New York City. She had her reasons. Now she runs a charter fishing boat in the Atlantic off the coast of Miami and the chaos of her past is slipping away, but a man comes calling with an offer that will turn Camaro’s world upside down.

The ghosts of the Cuban Revolution do not rest easy in south Florida, and there are men who will kill in the name of politics… and money. Everything is at stake in a deadly game where the only rules are the rules of open war.

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Sweet Ride, by Sam HawkenIt’s 2001. Camaro is only eighteen and adrift. Going nowhere fast, measuring out the last bit of high school before she goes out into the world to do… what? She doesn’t know. But a purpose is headed her way, and it threatens the foundation of the only thing she has: family. Camaro isn’t yet the woman she’ll become, but she still won’t back down from anyone or anything if it means setting the wrong things right.

Available in ebook format.

Walk Away, by Sam Hawken Camaro’s history is shrouded, known to only a handful, but the secrets don’t stop with her. Her sister Annabel took a new identity in a small community on the California coast, far away from the violence and death that marked her life when Camaro entered it. Only now Annabel has troubles of her own, trapped between an abusive man and the threat of discovery. Camaro brings her ferocity to bear, not knowing she’s put herself and her sister into the crosshairs of a far more dangerous foe.

Allied with a grizzled bounty hunter with a score to settle, but threatened on both sides by criminal and cop, Camaro has only one way out, and it’s something she’ll do without a second thought.

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No Cover AvailableCamaro is back in Miami with nothing on her mind except a quiet life. But when Faith Glazer comes to her for help with a dangerous stalker, Camaro has no choice but to enter the fray again. The stakes rise, and lie stacks upon lie, as what seems like something simple is actually a doorway into a shadow world of international conspiracy with ties leading all the way back to the go-go ’80s heyday of the cocaine cowboys.

They think Camaro will go down easy. They are wrong.

Coming January 11, 2018 from Mulholland Books.

Continue the Camaro story with these short tales…

In this flashback tale Camaro, just out of the service, encounters a homeless veteran on the streets of Los Angeles and does what she can to save him from his life.

Purple Heart
During Camaro’s first tour in Afghanistan, a deadly enemy assault left her badly wounded in a hospital in Germany. Things would never be the same again.

To Whom Much is Given
For an unexpected taste of worlds that might be, Camaro appears in an alternate-universe tale inspired by George Miller’s Mad Max films. Camaro wanders the quiet earth in the wake of a devastating solar flare, where some live well and others die senselessly. And justice can only be found with a weapon in your hand.

A story bridging the action between The Night Charter and Walk Away. Camaro meets a teenaged boy with special needs, and finds only she can correct the injustice in his life. Or is it too late for that?

Camaro spent two years in the war zones of Iraq. This story brings us back to 2007, when Camaro was part of the Surge, and saw frontline action in the Battle of Baqubah II. But before that happened, could Camaro have an opportunity to be truly known to another person for the first time in her life?

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